Advantages of Tally Books

Transform the impact of your tally book marketing.

Tally Book Direct provides you with four-color designs and low costs that are unmatched by other tally book providers. It's not just these features that give Tally Book Direct the advantages -- it's the experience. The Tally Book Direct team knows the industry and how to leverage products in a new effective way

Tally Books Direct brings you the following benefits and is the tally book provider you can count on for innovation and expertise.

  • Stay top of mind with your buyers. Make sure that, when your client has a need, your product is the one that pops into their minds. If it doesn’t, you have only a 10% chance of being purchased. Tally Book Direct helps you win the battle for the top spot in the minds of your customers.
  • Exceed your customers' expectations. Oil and service companies have high expectations for worker safety. Tally Book Direct provides powerful support to worker safety efforts for your clients and boosts the impact of your marketing at the same time.
  • Help prevent accidents. Ensure you are always part of a bidder's list by fully complying with SIMS requirements and other regulations. Tally Book Direct tally books can be turned into a safety tool that increases employee accident prevention efforts.
  • Help accelerate employee skill development. Employee competency is an issue for customers, the government, and employers. You can use your tally books to help accelerate skill development and then measure the impact you've made.
  • Reduce missed sales. It’s proven that the mind can only remember seven consecutive items plus or minus two. If you have more than seven items in your product line, it’s very possible that you are missing sales. Tally Book Direct is designed to help you overcome this problem.
  • Extend your tally book investment from three months to a year. Tally Book Direct products keep your name and phone number in sight and in reach of your clients when they are making buying decisions.
  • Leverage your sales call. The average sales call costs $200-$400.Tally Book Direct tally books make an even greater impact on sales. 

Gain all these advantages.

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