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1.    Let our designers bring your imagination to life with a custom-designed cover.

If you don't have your own professional artwork, Tally Book Direct offers a custom tally book design service. Just provide us with a short description of what you would like to achieve with your tally book, what kind of look and feel you would prefer, and the information you would want included on the cover. Then we do it all.

Here are the details:

  • Our experienced graphic designers use your input, your logo, message and/or Website to create an original design just for you.
  • No orders proceed to production without your full approval on the design.
  • To get started we request that you email us your logo in vector format — with all text converted to curves or outlines — to with your order number.
  • Also email us any images you’d like to be included on the tally book cover, or just point us to your website.
  • Please follow the general guidelines below when submitting artwork and images.

2.    Design it yourself.

Right on this website you can take control of your own design using one of the following templates. Here's how:

  • Download your chosen template below
  • Create your one-of-a-kind cover
  • Delete the guides
  • Upload a high-resolution .jpeg or .pdf and we'll do the rest
  • Please follow the general guidelines below when submitting artwork and images.


Four-color process printing is used for reproducing high-quality graphics with photo-quality images. Digitally created process images should be created in or converted to CMYK format.


Please note any color change in the image when converting from RGB to CMYK and adjust colors as needed. Resolution cannot simply be increased in the program if working from a low-resolution file. Ideal resolution for images is 300 DPI. Color proofs are made from the digital file and may vary slightly from your computer monitor or color printer. The final printed product may also vary slightly from the color proof due to the differences between printing and proofing methods. We cannot guarantee exact PMS color match but we will try to come as close as possible.


Adobe Illustrator: Save as an EPS, PDF, or AI file. Create outlines for all text and embed all images.

Adobe Photoshop: Save as a TIF or PSD.

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